Nightly Links: Nova, Robertson, Hughes

  • The Yankees have now lost four straight games. It was a 6-1 loss motivated by Ivan Nova‘s shaky command, giving up 5 runs over 2.2 innings. David Phelps went 2.1 IP and went scoreless with 2 walks and a hit. The rest of the pitchers also struggled with baserunners, Cabral, Betances, and Burawa each allowing two men on within their single innings. Offensively, Colin Curtis scored the only run of the game with a homerun, and Ramiro Pena went 2 for 3 with a double. (Box Score)
  • The biggest and worst news today was on David Robertson‘s ankle. The man who could successfully walk the tight-rope all last year, can’t walk down stairs, and suffered at least a mild sprain. Girardi said that further MRI tests gave the team a cause for concern, so we can hope that the injury will only sideline him for a few weeks.
  • You’ve read all the optimistic Phil Hughes posts here at TYA over the last few days, and I have one on his need to breakout from Wallace Matthews. Indeed, this season will probably be the most important of his career.
  • Yankee Fans Unite studied the initial two years for pitchers over the last few years, and the possibility of a sophomore slump for Ivan Nova and Michael Pineda.

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One thought on “Nightly Links: Nova, Robertson, Hughes

  1. “The Yankees have now lost four straight games.”

    Fire Girardi! Seasons over! Wish George was still alive he’d fix this! Fire Girardi! Loud noises! Did I mention fire Girardi?!?!?