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7 thoughts on “Still lagging, Pineda increases velocity

  1. Holy crappers, Batman. What's with all this panic? We're talking the first, few ST innings.

    Dear MSM, please find some sticks to rub together to try to create smoke. Use Booone Logan as one stick. Lordy knows he's flammable.

  2. I think Mr. Cashman reads a lot of blogs. Remember when he called people stupid for asking if the Yankees had mishandled Joba Chamberlain? So, yeah, that he reads Fangraphs isn't surprising.

  3. Anybody have any stats on how Pineda's fastball progressed through spring training last year? Did he build up velocity over a few starts or did he come in throwing heat?

    • Keith Law said he was at 93-96 early last spring, but he also played winter ball prior to last year, while this spring he hadn't pitched in a live game since September 21st (and before that September 10th).