Pineda’s outing won’t lessen concerns

There were times during the contest where Pineda looked overpowering. In Jayson Werth‘s first at bat, it didn’t seem that Werth could pick up Pineda’s fastball. And young phenom, Bryce Harper looked uncomfortable as well. Overall, Pineda’s slider looked sharp early and squishy later on. His arm slot seemed to change on the slider later in the outing and the pitch rolled on him. It was also noticed that he seemed much less effective in the stretch than he did from the full windup.

The Nationals started old friend, Chien-Ming Wang, and Wang looked terrific. Unfortunately for Wang, his outing ended early after stumbling covering first. It appeared Wang locked his knee, then twisted his ankle all on the same play. Later reports indicated a quad strain.  Update*** later noted as a hamstring strain.

Without putting too much emphasis on Michael Pineda pitching a Spring Training game simply getting his work in, Pineda’s every outing will be over-scrutinized. Those who are concerned about his velocity this spring will find no comfort in what they saw today.

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3 thoughts on “Pineda’s outing won’t lessen concerns

  1. Oh, Wang's knee… Brings back unwanted memories. Hope the best even if he is no longer a Yankee