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5 thoughts on “Goldstein on Banuelos

  1. I think it's probably selective looking on the part of the scout, who I'm assuming saw Banuelos' outing against the Braves and not his outings against the Phillies or Blue Jays.

  2. With any luck Banuelos will gain consistency and control; for him to look better than our "second ace," even at this early juncture, sss, one game – that's still better than looking like AJ without his control.

    OTOH, while everyone wants to (and has to) cut Pineda slack – I would have sworn that Phil won a lot more games in the first half of 2010 than the last half; and then collapsed the next year. With that kind of precedent, how can folks NOT look askance at anything Pineda does? He, too, had an All-Star first 3 months last year, he did little the 2nd half, and has yet to show last year's velocity in spring training.

    I'm fine with figuring he'll 'come out of it' – but to imply that anyone with concerns is a fool is also out of line.

    • Pineda's innings increases are more incremental. Despite that hughes pitched ~150 innings at some point in the minors, it was several years before 2010. I do not know if previous season's IP is the major factor in risk for injury, but it's a dissimilarity in comparing Hughes 2011 Spring and Pineda 2012 Spring.

  3. Pineda's fastball had a LOT of late movement when I saw him pitch in Tampa last week.
    He was making adjustments with this breaking stuff and change up every inning. He is concentrating on pitch selection, getting the same motion on all his pitches and trying to stay in the strike zone with all of his stuff.
    Worrying about the lack of velocity in light of these adjustments is a waste of time. When Pineda WANTS to light up a radar gun over 95MPH it will be there. PATIENCE people ! Its a whole new world going from a club like Seattle to the AL East with the Yankees. I would MUCH rather see him learning how to actually PITCH to the 6th or 7th inning that continue to throw heaters all the time in the mid-90's and get hammered by veteran hitters who've caught up to his fast ball in the middle innings.