The Return of Andy Pettitte!

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34 thoughts on “The Return of Andy Pettitte!

  1. makjak2

    Awesome. I wonder what this means for Hughes though.

    • Jrc

      What is the Yankees best case scenario for their starting pitching? I would imagine it would be not needing pettitte and having cc Kuroda Pineda nova Hughes. Pettitte will just be insurance midseason to replace any of the starters bc of injury or in effectiveness?

  2. jay_robertson

    what you said. just, WOW

    • Uh… um… Buuuuh… Uh…. Rotation… Ninja… um… wha… Bullpen… Huuughes…


      I have to sit down. I mean lay down.

      must process this.

      • jay_robertson

        On one hand, its hard to reconcile this move with a team that was so cash-strapped that they couldn't afford a better DH than Ibanez.

        OTOH, this is going to take a TON of heat off Pineda; this story will get tons more ink than Pineda's slow fast ball.

        • Dan

          I disagree, if anything it will make more heat on Pineda, because the story is 4 arms for 2 spots because Andy will be in the rotation.

      • HIM

        …only if he is still Andy Pettitte!

  3. David

    I literally had a Chris Tucker "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…aamn!" moment.

  4. NoVa Yankees

    Any possibility he can be that other lefty out of the pen?

    • williamjtasker

      He's never had big lefty/righty splits. So he's really not that kind of lefty.

  5. I echo Jason's statements – or attempts at them….

  6. TomC

    No way Pettitte is coming back as "insurance" only. He's gonna pull rank and go for a rotation spot. Bye bye Phil Hughes in July.

  7. Jacques

    Let's not forget that triple-A rotation is packed as of right now…

  8. LarryAtIIATMS

    I recommend that we give ourselves 24 hours to just be HAPPY about this. Then we can figure out the ramifications.

    That 24 hours starts just AFTER I post this comment.

    Can anyone say "seven man rotation"?

    OK, NOW the 24 hours start.

    • Fair enough, Larry. Except I just can't get my mind around it.

    • michael

      here, here!

    • GabeLezra

      I'll be back in 21 hours. Wow.

  9. Hugh

    Just extraordinary. Cannot begin to understand how this works.

  10. Dan

    Let me start by saying that I'm glad to see Andy coming back. However, I really think the Yankees are incapable of handling young starting pitching. Nova and Pineda are Major league pitchers, Hughes has been making strides and is only 25, and the AAA rotation is completely full. It makes no as to me to delay their development or possibly hurt it by taking them away from the rotation. The only way this makes sense to me is if they trade Garcia as soon as he can make another start (to show he's healthy), and don't start Pettitte until June (which is possible, he's probably going to need some time to come back) in order to give the young guys (particularly Hughes) a fair chance of success. And if they are all successful at that point, the Yankees would be in position to trade Hughes when his stock is up, which is something I am for.

    • jay_robertson

      They CAN'T trade Garcia til June or July (forget the day – sry) – so if Andy isn't ready til then, that might actually work.

      • Dan

        They can trade him with his permission before then, considering the position he's in (hopefully the 7th starter), he might okay it.

    • BrienJackson

      It's a non-guaranteed minor league deal that, at most, pays the guy $2.5 million. There's no way this doesn't make sense, assuming the Yankees actually watched Pettitte pitch and think he's still got the ability to be effective.

      • Dan

        Yes, but assuming he can still pitch he'll be in a major league rotation for the Yankees, Andy Pettitte isn't in any starters competition, and rightfully so. I really like that he's back, but this hurts the young arms development.

        With Hughes, he's a Free agent before 2014, so assuming He is given enough time to have real trade value before Andy is ready, I think the ideal move is to trade him; it's one more non-rookie contract gone by 2014. But the Yankees need to give him the opportunity to have trade value this season, before Andy is ready.

  11. JEP

    When I saw this I double-checked the calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1. Well, like they say, you can never have enough pitching. Andy isn't a kid, Garcia and Hughes have had health problems, Nova still has to prove he's the real deal, and who knows how Pineda will do. I have a feeling the excess of pitching will sort itself out.

    • Exactly. Maybe Pettitte won’t be game-ready until end of May? Who knows? Stuff happens. For now, I will just sit back and be happy. Worrying can wait for another time.

    • haha, I did the same thing. First I thought it was April 1st, then I thought there had to be a catch, but nope, he is back!

  12. David

    Actually, now that I'm thinking about it (AND HAPPY DAMMIT, LARRY!), is there any chance this is really just Pettitte being paid $2.5mm to teach Pineda how to throw a huge curve and a change-up, freeing up Rothschild to work with Hughes, Nova and Joba. They're of a more similar build than CC / Pineda…

    He said he loved Spring Training, but not nececssarily the grind…

  13. John

    I think only one thing sums it up…

    H O L Y S—!!!

  14. Matthew G.

    What Larry said. Otherwise speechless with joy.

  15. BrienJackson

    Oh my goo….GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!!!

    (sorry, couldn't be helped)

  16. BrienJackson

    Well I've got baseball practice tomorrow, maybe they'll swing a deal for a new DH?

  17. KCtampa

    Bring back Jorge and bernie too please.

  18. Michae

    So happy I cannot contain it! My favorite pitcher for hopefully a full season will be great!

  19. The Next Guy

    Get out.

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