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9 thoughts on “No, really, Pineda is better than Nova

  1. THANK YOU. I'm so tired of this nonsense. Even when Pineda "slumped" last season, he was pitching essentially as well as Nova. This seems like a concerted effort by the Yankee brass to lower expectations on him, just like politicians do before elections. And the MSM is getting played like a fiddle.

  2. I really hope Pineda breaks with the team despite the public finger wagging Cashman has been performing. You don't trade someone you consider to be Miggy Cabrera 2.0 for a pitcher you stash away at AAA after a solid rookie year.

    However, the real quesiton that should be answerd is Pettitte better then Nova(or Hughes)? I feel that if you take the emotional attachment to Andy out of the equation you would have to conclude that he gives is the most risky/lowest reward out of those three….

  3. Consider that Nova showed a disappointing lack of maturity after his putrid first two innings last night and it makes it even more reasonable for Nova to be the first to be sent out. Didn't see that coming. Since things went so smoothly last year, that side of him didn't rear it's ugly head.

  4. What worried me most about Nova last night was that he's starting the mantra about how well he pitched and how happy he was/is. After what really wasn't that good an outing – blaming the catcher isn't a good way to start building cred.

    I've said that Pineda could be sent down; but ONLY if he is absolutely, positively, worse than the alternatives. With Nova and Hughes in the lineup – I seriously doubt if that is the case.

  5. What gets me LOLing about the excerpt is how the author (not Brien) states that Hughes and Nova have "performed in this town." That's a very loose definition of "performance"–I count about 1.5 years worth of good "performance" between Nova (2nd half 2011) and Hughes (2nd half 2009 and 1st half 2010).

    That said, I wonder how long Pineda would have to be in the minors to play service time game (a la Tampa Bay) and delay arbitration for a year.

    • Didn't even think of the service time angle – that must be what MSM is referring to when they say sending him to the minors would garner a protest from the Union. Considering how much it would also pizz off someone the team is planning on keeping for many years, any trip to the minors would have to have a definite basis in lack of performance.

      • Yeah, the union would be very skeptical of a move to send Pineda down, and I’d have to think they’d immediately file a grievance if Pineda returned to the majors at a time that pushed his arbitration/free agency eligibility back a season. I would say that the only way he goes down is if he’s getting lit up over the next two weeks, or if his velocity simply isn’t back by the end of spring, in which case the Yankees could just argue that they didn’t think he was ready to start the season or were worried something might be wrong with him. Otherwise, there’s a good chance they’d wind up with Pineda accruing service time for time spent pitching in the minors.

  6. Solid post.

    Pineda is a beast and talent wise just might be second to none. CC is the Ace, and by far the better pitcher today, however this kid has a bigger heater and a better slider but lacks at this point in his career.

    My guess is that it'll shakeout;
    1) CC
    2) Kuroda (1-year should be little regard to his IP)
    3) OPEN
    4) Pineda (keep his IP down a bit to start)
    5) OPEN

    Nova, Hughes, & Garcia compete for two spots, the loser is traded/MRP/AAA and Pettite challeges the non-proformers come mid-May.

  7. I'm still wondering why they can't trade one of the excess starters,Hughes or Garcia(preferably Garcia). Are the yanks really going to keep 7 starters in case of injuries? That's not even counting The half dozen pitchers in the minors that could spot start.