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4 thoughts on “Camp notes 3/20

  1. I hope Pineda throws the ball 100 mph so i don't have to here ESPN NY talk about his "V-LO" or however they painstakingly put it. What's bothering me is the lack of coverage (and hitting) Raul Ibanez has right now. What's the over/under of amount of games it takes before he gets booed more the LaTroy Hawkins

  2. Wait, you thought Pineda was going to Charleston? I heard he was being sent to short-season A so he can use the extra time to get thin!

  3. It seems that Russell Martin always raves. Must be all that time with Tommy Lasorda.

    • What else COULD Martin do? Go to the reporters and tell them that Petite is throwing like Hughes in 2011? At least he's good at the company line.

      And with luck, Petite IS that good.