Phil Hughes sharp in latest spring outing

What was really impressive with Hughes’ outing was his efficiency. He threw first-pitch strikes to seventeen of the twenty batters he faced and had only thrown 38 pitches through the first four innings. He threw more pitches in the fifth and last inning that included a walk to Carlos Pena. But overall, his outing was efficient, effective and impressive. Hughes hit his spots on the inside and outside of the plate to batters and once ahead in the count, was able to deliver weak contact with the change.

Phil Hughes did not hurt his case for a rotation spot that Girardi said wouldn’t be decided until each candidate had thrown five or even six outings.

In less rewarding news, Raul Ibanez again went hitless in three at bats, stranding four runners. He is now batting .059 for the spring.

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5 thoughts on “Phil Hughes sharp in latest spring outing

  1. so, we hired Ibanez as DH. which implies, hitting, as I learned it. Oh well.

    yeah – poor Joe can't be effusive anymore – not when he knows he's going to sit 2 starters, even tho both (whoever they turn out to be) entered January as locks to make the rotation.

    oh well – they could be in Tebow's shoes.

    • That's a good point, Jay. Girardi can't sound overly enthusiastic on any start by Pineda, Nova, Garcia and Hughes since they are all supposedly in competition with each other.

  2. I don't see the rotation problem to be honest. You start the season with CC, Kuroda, Nova, Pineda and Hughes. That is the rotation of the future (minus Kuroda). You let them fail in the season with Steady Freddy taking over as insurance.

    When Pettite is available come May, you readjust. It is very rare for a team to only use 5 starters all season, especially at the ages of Nova, Pineda and Hughes. However, the final 3 spots need to go the kids.

    This shouldn't even be a competition unless everything is perfect and Petitte joins the team. Oh and you don't listen to Andrew Marchand who in his chat kept defending the Pineda to AAA meme. You also don't entertain the thought of a 6 man rotation unless you guarantee that CC starts only on 4 days rest with the others shuffling.

    • Not much of any of that comment I disagree with. I would prefer the rotation just as you describe it.

  3. Many fans and MSM deem 7 competent starters a 'problem', if it were to be the case that each one looks healthy and capable of 30+ starts this season. If this really is the case, it's a surplus of assets I can't recall the Yankees ever having, and few other teams having, either. For once, the Yankees may be able to deal major league players for young minor league talent, and not the other way around.

    The Burnett trade is looking better and better.