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17 thoughts on “Some Triple-A Notes

  1. Agree. I don't blame Vazquez for how he feels, but his skills don't translate well to the Yankees. Also interesting news about the Triple A team. Sounds like a mess. Glad you are on top of it.

    • Yeah, there is that part of me that wants to see him play in the majors because he has seemed so close, but that's really the only reason. I just can't see many situations where he will be what the Yankees are looking for.

      Something has always seemed off to me about the whole Scranton situation. There is very little talk about it and i feel like when there is something it isn't particularly great.

  2. Not an argument in favor of Vazquez, but it is funny that "his limited defensive abilities does not give him the flexibility the Yankees often look for in their bench players" applies to Ibanez as well!

    • Totally agree. Giving Vazquez a shot seems more realistic every time Ibanez takes another hack with his wet noodle that moonlights as a bat.

  3. After reading the article, could the mighty Yankees actually be keeping Vazquez down because they dont want to pay the Mex team the $350,000 they would owe them? It is hard to believe, but why else would the Yankees at the end of last year bring up a total of 12 players in September, and not bring up the only S/WB Yankee that was mid and post season All-Star. And that includes Montero. And Chato was awarded the systems 'Hitter of the Year", AAA MVP, and broke the AAA record for HR in a season! He sure earned a September call up at least!!! And if you look at his game log, every time someone else was brought up, he hit a slump and piled up the K's. When there was a chance he would be called up, he would go on a tear. If you look at him right before Sept he was crushing the ball for a month. Then when he found out he wasnt going to be called up on the 30th, he hit the skids. He knows what they are doing to him, and it is not fair. Why do you think he is not hitting in ST. He knows there is nothing to fight for. They brought the others in and gave them ML contracts.

    • No, they aren't bringing Vazquez up because Vazquez is not a MLB caliber hitter.

      "It is hard to believe, but why else would the Yankees at the end of last year bring up a total of 12 players in September, and not bring up the only S/WB Yankee that was mid and post season All-Star."

      Because Vazquez isn't on the 40 man roster.

      "He knows what they are doing to him, and it is not fair. "

      Indeed. It's pretty much unheard of for a 29 year old non-versatile hitter with a .314 OBP ad over 5 strikeouts for every walk at Triple-A who isn't on the 40 man roster to not get a chance to see what he can do against major league pitching when the team is in the middle of a division title chase.

  4. How do they know….and especially how does a nobody like you know he isnt a ML hitter. Bring him up and prove it!! Last year he hit a bomb off the scoreboard against Jake Pevy, two in one game against Vance Worley, home runs against Lannan, and Lidge. Hit a walk-off bomb off of rookie of the year Kimbrell out of the stadium, roped one off the wall against Chapman, Hit a bomb off Arrietta, and many more 'ML" caliber pitchers. He does not walk, but neither does Cano. He does K, but he did more than usual last year for reasons I said in my previous post. I would take 150k with 30hr and 90rbi from my DH any day!!! And you are missing the point. He earned a callup. The 12 players were far less players than he is. Reward your players for doing well. They could have easily made room for him. Yeah, a division chase…. I would rather see Laird, Dickerson, Golson, Pena, Romine ph, who all stunk down the stretch than Vazquez, who was Carribbean World Series MVP, played on the World Baseball Classic, and hit a 500ft grand slam, and crushed in AAA all year. Your right, the other players earned their pinch hits in Sept!!!!!

    • So your position is that we can’t learn anything from the fact that he can only muster a .314 OBP and strikes out 166 times at the Triple-A level, even though he’s in the physical prime of his career, but we CAN learn something from a relative handful of at bats in which he hit home runs? You should come to Baltimore and see if Mark Reynolds and Chris Davis are looking for a new agent.

      Anyway, there’s just nothing there to Vazquez. If you take away the home runs, he doesn’t even look like a decent piece of organizational filler, and even the home runs aren’t terribly impressive when you account for his age and lack of ability to even put up an average OBP.

    • The problem with Vazquez is that he is completely one dimensional. He provides nothing more than his bat. Romine was called up only when Cervelli got injured and they needed another catcher, he thought his season was over. Golson, Laird, Dickerson and Pena can all play some decent defense and run the bases. So while they may not hit for power like Vazquez, they help the team in more ways than he could. Also, the Yankees had Jesus Montero up DHing and he was doing a great job.

    • But yeah, if I'm grading out Vazquez, he's probably a 60 power, but with a 20 hit tool and no more than a 30 grade on any other tool. Maybe a 40 defender at first base if I'm being generous, but that's obviously not getting him anywhere with the Yankees.

  5. Like I said, they easily could have made room for him. And Vazquez is a good first baseman. .993% last year at first and a little third where he didnt make an error. Is better than Nunez with the glove, just not as much range. AND, Yes we can figure out his ability with his stats in AAA. If you break it down, and you take the first month of the season when he thought he was going to get a callup, and the last part of the season when he was playing for a September call up. The first month of the season in 22 games he was hitting .337, 9hr, 27rbi and .352/.663/1.015. Then Chavez got hurt, and Arod got hurt and he was upset not getting called up. He is only human. After what he did in ST and the beginning of the season he should have been upset. After that he was up and down. Then after a slump he was focusing on getting a Sept callup. From 7-25 thru 8-30 he hit in 25 of the 30 games, hit .321, 10hr, 28rbi, and .377/.661/ 1.038. Then he found out he wasnt getting called up. He hit .227 the rest of the year. You are right, you can see what kind of hitter he is by his AAA stats. It is just a little more involved than a average fan looking through the Scranton yearbook at the total stats!!!

    • I assume that you've spoken to him about this, and aren't just completely speculating as to what he "thought" was going to happen, right? Especially since it seems rather odd to think that a 29 year old baseball player who wasn't on a 40 man roster and is basically just organizational filler would have assumed he'd be getting called up. I mean, if the Yankees needed someone to play a semi-competent third base while striking out in most of their plate appearances, why would they burn a 40 man roster spot to accommodate Vazquez when they could just recall Brandon Laird?

  6. When he was signed he was told he would be getting called up that year….2009. Then, a couple of weeks after buying his contract from the Mexican lg for $500,000, they ended up landing Tex. I never heard of a ML team paying $500,000 for a filler!! You do not know who Chato is, obviously. He is a National Superstar in Mexico. Like Matsui was to Japan. He was the number one rated hitter in Mexico. Laird over Jorge Vazquez….you have got to be kidding me…..And yes, I have spoken to him about this…..If and when he ever gets his chance in the Bigs, where he will be totally focused, you will see what he can do. Peace out!!