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5 thoughts on “Thursday morning quick hits

  1. I agree that people are making too big of a deal about Pineda's (lack of) velocity this spring. However, I also feel that people are overstating the opposite case. Yes, a pitcher with the tools Pineda has shown this spring is a fully capable starting pitcher, but it's not the pitcher the Yankees felt they were acquiring. Pineda may be out of shape and using Spring Training to get his stuff back, in fact I bet it's likely, so I'm not actually worried but IF that's the pitcher he is, it seems like people are too casual in saying that's fine.

    • Well, the Yankees are interested in results. Is anyone upset that Mo doesn't have a 96 MPH cutter anymore? Of course not, because he's still effective. If Pineda pitches 200 innings with the same peripherals he had last season, I really doubt they're going to care if his fastball averages 92-93 MPH rather than 95.

  2. re Petite – thanks. Too cute. Imagine – an old geezer, felt good throwing, but could scarcely get out of the LazyBoy the next morning. As a fellow geezer, I can feel his pain. Here's hoping he can get back in shape, and be good to go every five days.

    • I don't even think he's out of shape, per se, so much as he maybe just let the adrenaline get the better of him and forgot that he was going to have to go through the process of getting ready to pitch. I'd venture that most pitchers deal with that sort of thing early in camp, but you don't get daily "Ivan Nova threw his first bullpen yesterday and his legs are sore this morning" updates because that's just routine.