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23 thoughts on “Joba Chamberlain suffers major ankle injury

    • That's kinda uncalled for… Don't see how playing on a trampoline with your son stupid. Accidents happen all the time. I mean who expects to get hurt playing on a trampoline?

      • Anyone who watched the Simpsons episode when Homer gets a free trampoline would've seen this coming.

        In all serious, I agree the commenters #2-9 on this post.

    • Playing with your kids is not stupid. Even if under contractual provisions it can cost you millions, I think when you get to a certain point in life that time and experiences with your children is more valuable than any amount of money. It is a horrible result and I hate it for Joba and the team.

      • Anyone that doesn't feel bad for the guy has no freakin' soul. I mean, c'mon. he got hurt playing with his kid. I don't care about whether the team can release him without any financial obligations; that's meaningless to me. The guy is one of OURS, for better or worse. We loved him when he kicked ass for us. We (nearly) cried when he failed, then got hurt on the field. Now, it's time to forget about the player and worry about a young guys with a family who is guilty of one thing only: being a good dad.

    • Being a good pitcher is one thing, being a good father is another. I think most people will choose the latter

    • Good points made in the article – fwiw, the knowledge that trampoline centers are dangerous isn't a new thing, nor is it arcanely hidden. When I was a kid (back before electric lights and talkies, I swear) a trampoline center opened in our town. They were almost ubiquitous – opening within a month or so in all of the local towns. I begged my parents to let me go – it looked like fun. Before I ever got the chance, they were all CLOSED. I don't recall details, but I do recall stories of broken limbs, and I'm thinking it was a fairly serious head injury that got them to actually close.

      Stupid, fat, … – uncalled for. Poor judgement? (Officer, do you KNOW WHO I AM?) – yes.

    • So I guess the Buster Posey injury last year illustrated why you can never have too much catching and Miguel Cabrera's injury show why you can never have enough third basemen?

      C'mon teams now have more pitching than they ever did before – 12- and 13-man staffs and relief specialists for every inning past the 5th. In my opinion teams already devote too much roster space to pitching and not enough to reserve position players who can spell the regulars when they need rest and step in when they get injured.

      Joba (and I do love the guy) was going to be a middle-relief guy at best for the Yankees this season. It sucks that he'll miss the season and that his carer may be in doubt but the impact of losing him on the team is not like losing A-Rod or Cano would be.

      You need a lot of pitchers because they can't play every day – not because you might lose one in a freak accident.

  1. This doesn't help Joba any, but it is actually surprising how many significant injuries are related to playing with a trampoline.

    It is unfortunate it happened to Joba. Hopefully he will heal quickly. The one part that I was unclear about was what exactly the surgery actually addressing.

  2. Based on the "open flesh wound" part I would assume it means taking the bone from the outside and putting it back on the inside.

  3. Not a fan of Joba, and it's not like he was gonna do much this year anyways since the 'pen is overcrowded. It sucks for him and I hope that he recovers, but not too bummed out here

  4. If only "No Trampolines" had been one of the Joba Rules.

    I feel terrible for the guy. Thank goodness he didn't bleed to death. I hope he can come back, but a bad break on the leg can be a career-wrecker (Bobby Valentine). Didn't Dizzy Dean's career basically end due to a broken toe and the change in motion that resulted in him hurting his arm? I wish Joba the best, but this is not good.

  5. How about filing this one under "when bad things happen to good peopkle " And pls recalll how Joba's own childhood , abandoned by his mother /raised by his disabled father , might just make him take parenting rather more seriously . And yes trampolines are dangerous but it wasn't too long ago an off season working on the farm was considered good conditioning : visions of C Fisk splitting wood with an AXE ! How dangerous is that!!