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12 thoughts on “Rumor: Yankees offered Garcia to Marlins

  1. Please stop it with the Abreu nonsense. He is much more expensive than Garcia, fields worse than any other MLB OF'er, and is another over-the-hill player.

    I would rather see Jones, Nunez (playing more IF/OF time while vets DH), Damon (available for 500k), Golson or Posada.

    • I don't see why the financials would be a problem at all. The Angels kick in a little bit of money, and both teams keep their payrolls the same while getting much more useful roster pieces. Certainly the fact that he can't play the outfield is irrelevant in so much as you primarily want him to DH and, you know, that Ibanez can't field either, and whether he's aging or not, he's still reasonably productive at the plate against right handed pitching (.366 OBP vs. RHP in 2011).

      I like Jones well enough, but until he proves otherwise he isn't a viable lineup option against righties, if Damon would sign for the minimum he'd already have a job, Golson is a bench player, and Posada ain't coming back.

  2. If we trade Garcia – most likely for a bat to replace Ibanez, who becomes the 12th pitcher?

  3. I dig the Abreu-Garcia exchange. Seems like you're really doing LA a favor by removing one of the many corner outfield, but really DH-type guys off the roster, bringing Trout closer to an everyday role. I guess, then cut Raul? Tear.

  4. i would rather have damon back but that's not happening. tthe assman said that while he is the general manager of the yanks,damon would never wear a yankee uniform. i really don't know what his problem is.

  5. Abreu is a bum nothing left worth taking just like A. Jones and Ibanez….the Yanks are better served to stop wasting $ on old guys with very little left. Nunez and Maxwell would have been just fine in the Yankee dugout for next to nothing $

  6. get vlady and your search is over he wants to play for yanks so give him a shot he would fit in perfect in the 6 hole in the battinmg order yankee fan since 1957 even through the CBS era yankees for life

  7. Ya Abreu SUCKS!!! What the heck were you thinking..? Anyone is better than he is… Let's get VLAD!