Rodriguez okay, more cuts and other notes

The Yankees did receive a scare when Alex Rodriguez was plunked in the ribs with a hard fastball. The contact made a sick sound and A-Rod headed for the ground in great pain. Joe Girardi removed him immediately from the game but later said that the doctors checked him out and the third baseman is fine.

David Robertson pitched for the first time since hurting his foot while moving empty boxes down some stairs. He looked just fine as he gave up a hit but otherwise was untouched for an inning with one strikeout. His inning followed scoreless innings by Mariano Rivera and Rafael Soriano. Rivera gave up his first hit of the spring, a double by Delmon Young, but otherwise sailed through the inning.

After the game, the Yankees announced some further roster moves. Ramiro Pena was sent directly to the Empire Yankees. Colin Curtis, Manny Delcarmen (who pitched in today’s game), Cole Garner, Jose Gil and Kevin Whelan were assigned to the minor league camp. There have been some rumors that the Philadelphia Phillies are interested in Pena with the injury woes to Chase Utley.

Some old friends were in the transaction wire today as well. The Reds assigned Andrew Brackman to Louisville in the IL. The Royals sent down Greg Golson to their minor league camp but then traded him to the Chicago White Sox for cash.

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7 thoughts on “Rodriguez okay, more cuts and other notes

  1. Has anyone pointed out that Pineda is throwing a cutter often? If this start was like his previous starts this spring, that would explain a lot about why he's "only" in the low 90's. Seems like no writer, hand wringing-type or not, mentioned this.

    • Also hooray for pitches that don't show platoon split and look similar to two other pitches in the repertoire.

    • Good points, Michael. When we get to the regular season and can see Pitch/FX breakdowns, those kinds of calls are easier to make. I watched all five of his innings today and the naked eye has a difficult time determining what is supposed to be a cutter, especially when the catcher has to lunge awkwardly at a pitch off target.

  2. In all my years I have never heard of pitchers throwing 95 mph in freaking Spring Training. Since when is ST anything but a get-in-pitching and hitting shape time? These writers kill me. They know less about baseball than my sister. You'd think we were in the World Series already. Pineda's basically a kid w lots of upside. Let's let him develop into a top flight pitcher over time, like all good pitchers do. Unrealistic expectations like this are just the way to get this kid's hed n exactly the wrong place and wreck his arm. we have a real shot t a top 5 rotation here. But none o m are gonna strike every hitter out. We need to win 100 games or so. No 165. Geez.

    • Brien has done a great job of downplaying the over-hype on all things Pineda all spring. The MSM has made this "velo" thing a story and thus we report. You cannot look at his spring numbers and be disappointed.

    • Exactly PJN. Is this guy here to show reporters how hard he throws or to get in shape and become a better pitcher? When do these folks realize they are supposed to report the news, not set the parameters the news is supposed to take. To paraphrase Alan Iveson, "We talkin' 'bout Spring Training. Spring Training!" I was not a fan of this trade, but Pineda is here now and I do believe he has a pretty big upside (if only because we traded such a top flight prospect for him) and I hope he does have a strong constitution and mind, because New York can wreck havoc on acquired players, even such accomplished ones as Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez, and Jason Giambi to name a few. Stay strong, Miguel.

  3. It's bittersweet. I ended up with Montero on my team this year… (though trading him for Pineda was absolutely the right call)