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4 thoughts on “Time to stop worrying about velocity

  1. Wait, so Pineda doesn't weigh 340 lbs and is reaching 86 mph on the radar gun?!? WHAAAA?!?!?

    Since Sabathia is a veteran, I don't recall hearing anything about his "V-LO" (ugh) or weight, despite the fact that he's naturally about 20-25 lbs. more than Pineda (which is *fine*) and has been criticized before. I'm sure it's just easier for the MSM to pick on the new guy, right?

  2. Must be a memory thing – I was thinking Farnsworth could almost touch 100mph with his fastball; I don't see anyone clamoring for his return.

  3. I'd rather he nailed any control issues down before cranking it up.. which was his plan all along. Writers seem to be more concerned with getting him flustered with bad press than building up any prowess for him. I have no doubt he will be adding the mustard in april when his other pitches are there to back it up.