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7 thoughts on “Could Phil Hughes get himself traded?

  1. The idea of trading Hughes brings back flashes of the deal that sent Ian Kennedy to the Diamondbacks. Unless the Yankees got a player like Granderson as part of a complex trade, I think this would be a huge mistake.

  2. I agree with Cory.

    I was on Baseball-Reference looking at Hughes' similarity scores. For pitchers aged 25, John Lackey is most similar (.971) but #9, with a .963, is Roy Halladay.

    One can dream…..

  3. Im still not sold on Ian Kennedy being the ace he pitched like. He pitched a lot of games against possibly the weakest hitting division in baseball. I was skeptical of the Granderson trade at first, but now that Ive seen more of him, I love it. I think we kept him this long, and all that was said about his potential and price tag combined with tantalizing flashes means we keep him. He should go back to 34, maybe that would be a nice mental break sending him back to the mentality of his old self? 65 isnt an aces #.

  4. I would trade Nova before i would trade Hughes and I would trade Garcia before I would trade Nova. And before the seasons over, a bunch of our pitchers will be on the DL and we'll be glad about the trades that weren't made.

  5. The Yankees are NUTS, if they trade Hughes. Get rid of Garcia first! I agree with the others, it brings back memories of when Kennedy was traded and when they let go of Ted Lilly. Let's stick with our young guns!!!!

  6. I doubt any team offers a decent return on Hughes, nor should they. Fans and writers alike are forgetting that as great as Hughes has lookes this spring, he will not likely have the stamina to pitch through the season. He may dominate early on and I wish he continues strong all season, but he hasn't pitched effectively for a full season in the and there isn't reason to think he.can in 2012, particularly given recent ineffectiveness. Thus, Yankees should plan to use 5 or more other starters by some point in the season. Hopefully one can be Pettitte