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7 thoughts on “Feinsand: Hughes wins starting spot

  1. It's nice to see Hughes doing well so far. But sheesh… what in the world is going to happen when Pettitte is ready? It's just a tad frustrating having such a surplus of starting pitching while the man in line to get 2/3rds of DH at-bats is old, batting .075 (3/40) in spring training, and wasn't even that good against righties last year anyway. You'd think they'd be able to flip Garcia for someone at least above replacement level for that slot prior to June, no?


    • You would think so, but all indications are that it's not happening. At least not until someone gets desperate. They know the Yanks have a surplus and need to clear a spot, so naturally the potential trade partners are going to try and buy low. Although a pitcher of Garcia's caliber should certainly command the type of player you're referring to.

      • The problem, aside from the fact that you need to find a trade that makes sense for the Yankees and that Garcia would approve at this point, is that everyone pretty much has their budget/roster set right now, and you tend to get a wait-and-see attitude from most people. I think that, if Garcia gets traded before the deadline season, it will probably be in late-May when other teams have a fuller understanding of where they are in the pecking order and what their needs are after ~2 months of baseball.

  2. I really think the rotation should be:CC,Kuroda,Nova,Hughes and Garcia.send pineda to the minors.once Pettite is ready to join the rotation the yankees should trade garcia for either bullpen help or an upgrade at the Dh.if anybody gets hurt or underperformed you call up pineda.

    • Umm, NO!

      Pineda is better than Nova or Garcia today, tomorrow & likely in the future. While I like how much Nova improoved in the 2nd half last year, don't discount the high upside of Pineda or Hughes; as they are healthy and more gifted athletes.

      The only issue with the young arms may need to be inning limits, but they should be able to manage that without doing a "Joba2009" thing or a six-man 2011 thing.

      If Raul is toast, that'll be where they aquire talent come June. As for now I think they are set pretty well.

  3. You guys really over value Garcia. Why stunt the growth of Nova, Hughes, or Pineda for a guy who, at his best, is average? Nova and Pineda both outperformed Garcia last year.

  4. All I can say is, what a difference a year makes. Last year we were desperate for starting pitching, and now we're drowning in choice. As Mike said, #FirstPlaceBaseballProblems