Nightly Links: Kuroda, Chamberlain, Pineda

  • Individual ticket sales for the general public are available today. Though it might be enticing to get tickets for the next Red Sox v. Yankees series, most if not all the affordable tickets are gone and probably for sale on Stubhub by now. Still, you might be able to find a few $5 Terrace, Grandstand, or Bleacher tickets available.
  • Unsurprisingly, Hiroki Kuroda will start the second game of the season. Where a starter pitches in the rotation means little to me, but Kuroda could be the most reliable #2 we’ve seen in a long time.
  • Joba Chamberlain addressed the media tonight and explained that his ankle injury was never life threatening. He was clearly upset about the injury impacting his baseball season, but he downplayed the pain and extent of the ankle injury. It’s a good read to get caught up on the situation after plenty of speculation that was clearly bogus.
  • Michael Augustine at Bronx Baseball Daily compares the rookie year of Michael Pineda and CC Sabathia. Augustine finds that aside from size, the two pitchers have similar nasty repertoires. It’ll be exciting to see what kind of impact Sabathia will have on Pineda now that they’re on the same team.

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