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6 thoughts on “Joba speaks

  1. Another Yankees site wrote this morning how Joba needs to grow up. Geez, Louise, people are stupid.

    • I saw that hit Twitter while on the train in this morning. I did not click but I think he/she/they ought to be embarrassed by that posting. I still haven't read it, but to drop the "grow up" line is, in itself, painfully ironic and totally misguided.

  2. I think the discussions of the Yankees possibly voiding Joba's contract are pretty silly. I look at it this way. If the team didn't void A-Rod's $20+ mil deal after he admitted using PED's, why would they void Joba's 1.5 mil (or whatever the amount is) contract?

  3. Sad to read some of the the garbage put out by the dreck that passes as NY sportswriters. Joba didn't fall off a curb after drinking all night, he was jumping up and down with this son, for crying out loud. OK, so his ankle couldn't take the strain. Stuff happens. And the story by the two clowns from the Daily News that had Joba almost dead is absolutely laughable.