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12 thoughts on “Today in over-emphasizing velocity

  1. Good thing we DIDN'T get Cliff Lee – what a ripoff; he's only averaging 91.5? What a total failure.

  2. My work day just got a little brighter…amazing that people actually buy into the things they read from writers like Andrew Marchand. Funny post, Brien.

  3. This time Brien bashed the Andrew Marchand post before I even saw it.

    Thanks for saving me the wasted time Brien!

  4. Brien, I know the point you're making, and I agree with it and the notion that the whole Pineda's velocity thing is a drama contrived by the MSM who either are misguided or have nothing to do.

    But the implied critique (I think) is that in the absence of having demonstrated a consistently effective third pitch that Pineda has used during the regular season, his primary and secondary pitches have to be plus-pitches to compensate. Whereas if a pitcher has 3 or 4 above average pitches, there is less need for one of them to be excellent.

    The pitchers you list here have several above average pitches with movement, so they don't need a plus-pitch to be successful. Conversely, Randy Johnson was pretty much fastball/slider for his career, but since both were so plus-pitches, he could get by on those alone; he didn't need a more robust repertoire.

    If Pineda can develop his change into a useable third pitch, then I'm content with him throwing 92-95. But if he remains fastball/slider, then he needs to turn it up a notch to be the starter we think he can be.