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8 thoughts on “Yankees win Montero trade

  1. "In ten years we can talk about the merits of this trade. "

    And folks will still likely be arguing about it – unless one or the other is a total bust. Look at all the ink in the Granderson/Kennedy swap – there are still folks on both sides. Which means, likely, that it was a fair trade for everyone.

    That's probably the best we can hope for in this; I really don't want to see Jesus fail, even if he IS no longer a Yankee.

  2. To be honest, I am more interrested in Montero's performance as a catcher than a better. Tellingly, Montero was the DH, not the C.

  3. I still don't like the trade. I got up early as usual and watched the game rooting for Montero the entire time. I hope that both guys go on to have great careers.

  4. I apologize that my comment is off-topic to your point about the trade, but what is up with having two regular season games nearly a week before the other teams and then have more pre-season games?

    • It's Bud Selig and MLB's aspiration to be a global entity. In order for the games to count, you have to give the teams time to travel and not have the time differences mess up the teams too much when they get back.. It's inconvenient and I don't much like it myself. But there it is.