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4 thoughts on “Friday quick hits

  1. Pineda was horrible – fastball was too slow, had too much movement. He definitely needs another year in AAA before he's ready for the AL East.

    Oh – you mean he hasn't pitched yet today – ok – I'll just cut and paste the above AFTER the game.

  2. One day the scooby doo gang will rip the mask of Marchand to reveal its been old man Bobby V behind it all along

  3. Just read the Post – now I get your post about A-Rod.

    "“I want to be a force in the middle of our lineup, someone who drives in a lot of big runs to win a lot of games,’’ Rodriguez said."

    Really? What else did Kernan expect him to say – "I want to hit .212 and be an albatross around the neck of the Yankees team – now and throughout my contract?"

    C'mon, Opening Day.