Michael Pineda has a sore shoulder

5 thoughts on “Michael Pineda has a sore shoulder

  1. Ugh. Just ugh.

  2. jay_robertson

    so we traded Montero for Pavano?

    OK – sore shoulder – yes, its an injury. But sheesh – sure is convenient, especially when there was so much press about him going down to the minors. That would have been so embarrassing – this is just an injury.

    • not Montero's dad

      Pineda would accrue servce time if he's placed on the major league DL, whereas he wouldn't have if he were sent to the minors.

    • No Jay, we didn't trade Montero for Pavano. Pineda's shoulder is hurting, not his ass.

  3. mikeNicoletti

    i'm hoping this is an early april fools joke….

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