Nightly Links: Pineda, Sanchez, Garcia

  • Michael Pineda only went 2.2 innings tonight, and gave up 7 hits and 6 earned runs. It’s impossible to make anything of this yet (though I’m sure one ESPN beat writer will) since Pineda’s velocity was sitting slightly higher at 91, and a lot of the hits were squeakers through the infield. Offensively so far, Curtis Granderson hit a 2 run homerun off Jonathan Papelbon. (Game Day)
  • Bronx Baseball Daily explains why Gary Sanchez is poised for a huge season in the minors. With the type of potential he has, a breakout season could propel him to the top of a lot more prospect lists.
  • There are a few bits from Trenton beat writer Josh Norris, first he has the current rosters for the Yankees’ minor league systems. Second, he has video of the newest Yankee prospect Rafael DePaula. From what I can tell, the ball comes out of his hand extremely easy.
  • The Yankees worked out a new deal with Russell Branyan today by releasing him and resigning him to a new minor league deal. It looks as if the team is ready to move on from the Jorge Vazquez era.
  • Freddy Garcia made it clear that he wants to start in 2012, but is willing to move to the bullpen if its necessary. Chances are that he’ll land in the pen, but I get the feeling that he’d be worth more to the team in a trade than in an already stacked bullpen.

Update: 9:39 PM ESTBryan Hoch and the YES network are reporting that Michael Pineda felt soreness behind his right shoulder following today’s game.

Update: 10:01 PM EST– Jack Curry reported that Pineda had the soreness before the game, but didn’t tell any of the coaches. From the way he was pitching, it looks like he’s had shoulder trouble all spring, and tomorrow he’ll likely for tests. The whole situation is similar to Phil Hughes’ last year, so hopefully the Yankees can handle things the right way.

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2 thoughts on “Nightly Links: Pineda, Sanchez, Garcia

  1. No suprise with Pineda. I said it before: you just don’t lose 5-6 mph on your fastball over the winter at age 22.
    I think the Mariners knew something was up with him or they wouldn’t have made the trade.