Pineda headed to DL, Yankees’ rotation set

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15 thoughts on “Pineda headed to DL, Yankees’ rotation set”

  1. It was always gonna work itself out… all 6 pitchers will get their fair share of starts this year, and Andy P. will get some as well… as long as they keep C.C. on his normal rotation….

    I'm more interested to see Jeter and company looking very spry last night, obviously with aging players you have to account for the wear and tear of a long season when making projections/predictions…. but Jeter sure looks like a .320 hitter right now, and Arod sure looks like an MVP candidate…

    when u add in the reliable Russell Martin, Cano and Tex…. with an improving Nunez as a stop gap and that outfield… its a great team!

  2. Nom Nom Nom oh wait what? I couldn't hear you over sound of me eating my words.

    To be fair, this is not the same injury as Hughes' dead arm last year.

    1. And let's be honest, this is a great explanation for all of the issues we've seen this spring, including the control problems,

    2. To be fair we can't say that it is not the same injury as Hughes' last year because we still do NOT know what Hughes' injury actually was. All we got was the same fuzzy shoulder inflammation that demonstrated a lack of velocity. I am not saying that they are the same either, but the words used have been very similar.

      1. Hughes had an MRI come back negative last April, though, and his rehab took quite a bit longer than you would expect for a simple case on tendinitis.

  3. I thought a major storm was coming with huge gust of wind outside and then I realized it was just the sigh of relief coming out of NY.

  4. Hey its okay being on the DL in spring training doesnt mean that he will be on the DL in the regular season right? Its just like velocity right? Keep eating that crow.

    1. Ya know, it's true. Examples of pitchers returning to be effective in the same season in which they're diagnosed with tendinitis is extremely rare. His career is probably effectively over now.

        1. Yes. Tendinitis is a relatively easy injury to recover from, as it’s just inflammation, and it’s pretty easy to treat with rest and anti-inflammatories. Pineda will be shut down 10-15 days to rest the shoulder and then he’ll get into a throwing program to strengthen the arm. The timetable for recovery can differentiate, but there’s no reason to be concerned about any long term complications.

  5. no he pitched in a game so the DL will be backdated to that start plus the wont bring him up anyways

  6. The injury may not be exactly the same as Hughes' last year, but the parallels are striking. Pitcher shows up in camp overweight and out of shape, shows reduced fastball velocity and gets shelled. At least Pineda got smacked around before the games count. Hopefully he learned his lesson the way Hughes apparently learned his. Barring a rash of starting pitching injuries, it wouldn't be a shock if Pineda spent most of the year in the minors and be put on a training program in the offseason to allow him to come into 2013 camp ready to roll.

    1. I think you're drawing too many conclusions from the diagnosis. Tendinitis is a funny thing, and it certainly can manifest itself, especially early, as something that feels like "regular" soreness. It's quite possible that it wasn't particularly bothering him until last night, or that he really aggravated it then (especially given that he was visibly trying to throw hard at times. Guess it's not a good idea to tell a pitcher like Pineda that his final Spring start is an important one for the rotation competition when he's been pitching well other than the velocity issue, eh Joe?). And, certainly, his best starts of the spring were his first two, when he looked reasonably sharp outside of the lack of velocity, but you generally don't expect to see guys throwing 94+ in their first spring outings.

      1. Then heaven forbid he ever takes the mound with the series tied 3-3; from your statements, I'm guessing that the pressure would be too much and we should expect Pineda to blow out something – right?

        Completely overlooked in these discussions – if there was indeed "something" causing Pineda's problems, his hiding them didn't do anyone any good.

  7. Oh leave off Girardi. If pineda got so worked up about "winning a spot" that he felt he couldn't beat old man garcia what would have happened if he was in a big series against boston. If garcia was pitching better than pineda let him play instead. It's pretty rediculous to attribute hurting himself and then not telling the coaching staff becauseof the pressure girardi may have put on. Now garcia is in the rotation anyway. If he comes back healthy fine great, but phil hughes was supposed to be a short stint on the DL too. Dont be so quick to just throw a blanket statement on an ill defined injury.

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