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9 thoughts on “So, about Pineda…

  1. This is the danger of young pitchers. I know it isn't time for gloom and doom yet but young pitchers are a risky propostion. Hopefuly it is a small bump in the road and Pineda is throwing 95 with attitude by Mid May but this highlights the risk of trading for a young pitcher, even one with the upside and recent success of Pineda.

  2. You have to wonder if Pineda might have been more open with how he was feeling if the team hadn't insisted he had to earn his rotation spot. This is troubling. Hope the MRI results come out soon. Also don't have a good feeling about Cabral. He left the game and was in a sling after. That's not good.

  3. Despite how much crow I feel like I'm eating here…this seems like pretty ok news, considering everything.