Nightly Links: Robertson, Banuelos, Almonte

  • On Saturday, David Fung at Beyond The Boxscore released the Yankee version of their Window to Win series. He concludes that with any...
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2014: A Payroll Odyssey; A Closer Look at the Yankees’ Cost Cutting Ambitions

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog; follow the author on Twitter at @williamnyy23).

Hal Steinbrenner recently confirmed his intention to lower the Yankees’ payroll below the luxury tax threshold in 2014, setting off a flurry of reaction from the mainstream media and blogs alike. Aside from the simple irony...

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$189 Million Contract Shenanigans

By now, we have heard far too many times about how the Yankees need to get under the $189 million threshold (a figure which includes not only MLB salary, but also benefits such as health insurance, for the entire 40-man roster) by 2014. Given the huge legacy contracts that the roster has to deal with,...

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A (Completely Unconnected) List Of Things I’ve Learned This Spring Training

Which brings me to number one on my semi-random list of things I’ve learned this Spring Training:

  1. The MLB At Bat iPad app might be the best thing I’ve ever bought. Ever. And that includes the actual iPad on which I use the app (I have the thing two months before they come out with a new one—and I already stretched my tiny budget to get this now out of date one). I’m not a paid spokesman for MLB—or whoever sells it—but I would totally be awesome at that job. This thing has better resolution than my Spanish TV, which I use to watch one of the four channels of psychics that are on all day. I can watch every televised Yankee Spring Training game, and I get to hear Michael Kay’s sweet baritone, and I get up to the minute (meaningless) stats. And now for something totally unconnected:
  2. Being in the Best Shape Of His Life doesn’t actually mean that the player looks like he’s in good shape.
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They’ll just never learn

Raise your hand if you think this whole Cabrera to third thing will work. Put your hand down!

For years now I’ve been forecasting the day when baseball GM’s (sports GM’s really, but baseball is the worst offender) rub their...

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Banuelos And The Fifth Rotation Spot

I’m clearly on the Phil Hughes bandwagon when it comes to the possible starters in 2012. Much of the blogosphere, us included, has dubbed this year’s pitching “competition” rigged. When Joe Girardi says only CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda are guaranteed a spot, it’s...

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Keeping Curtis

Using the information available at Cot’s, the Yankees have ~$88.5 million worth of average annual value committed to A-Rod, Tex, Jeter, and Sabathia already for 2014, assuming that Jeter exercises his 2014 player option and that Sabathia’s 2016 club option vests. Add in the $10 million or so in taxable benefits the club will have to pay, and we’re right around $100 million in taxed payroll, with only four players accounted for (and not counting A-Rod’s many home run milestone bonuses, which will be added to the luxury tax bill once they’re reached as well). Could new contracts for Cano and Granderson be worked into this formula, with enough money left over to round out a quality roster? It certainly looks like it could be done, but if both players insist on top dollar for their next contracts, it would leave the team with essentially no room for error in terms of cranking out young replacements, and the team will need, at least, a new catcher, outfielder, and one or two starting pitchers making the minimum salary in 2014 to make this feasible.…

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Nick Swisher’s cost?

Its been a good three years, but this will probably be Swisher's last as a Yankee

Recently a lot has been made about how the Yankees will get their 2014 payroll below $189 million. The logic of avoiding onerous luxury taxes...

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