TYA Predictions: Cy Young Award

Matt Imbrogno:

AL: CC Sabathia. CC won the award in 2007 with the Indians and has finished no worse than fifth in the Cy Young voting every year since then (5th in ’08; 4th in ’09 and ’11; 3rd in ’10). And just about each time, he’s had a legitimate case to win...

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Well-Publicized Drops in Velocity Presented with Limited Commentary

The following pitchers have a fair bit more in common than may be discernible at face value. Each was, at one time or another, lauded as a top prospect (albeit to varying degrees). All five experienced enough success at the Major League level to stoke the flames of their respective fanbase’s fiery prospect love. And...

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Predicting Joba’s prognosis

The Joba Chamberlain ankle injury saga has been an interesting case study for how the media tend to respond to serious injuries (I’m going to ignore the excessive media moralizing about how trampolines are deathtraps, and therefore going on one is incredibly irresponsible).  The immediate reaction was that Joba’s injury was quite possibly...

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