TYA Predictions: Overall Standings

The season is about to begin. Every team is a contender, especially with two more wild card spots up for grabs. Your TYA bloggers have compiled their prediction picks for the season:

Lots of variance here. Everyone picks the Yankees to win the AL East. Eric was...

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Phil Hughes And The Perils Of Pitching Well During A Surplus

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

While the majority of the ST pitching storylines have been dedicated either to Michael Pineda‘s velocity (“ZOMG!!! He’s only throwing 93!!!111!1!1) or Andy Pettitte‘s return (ZOMG!!!! Andy’s back!!!!11!1!!1), the starting pitcher with the most to prove this...

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The quiet addition

Perhaps the lack of interest thus far in Kuroda is the knowledge that he is only signed for a year. He probably will not be around in 2013, so there is no reason to get too excited. He is a placeholder for some of the young pitching prospects that the Yankees have bursting at the seams like the lions and the manhole cover of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. In a Yankee era that must include some budget restraints to get to a $189 million payroll by 2014, Kuroda was the guy the Yankees signed instead of investing long-term for guys like C.J. Wilson. A Wilson signing would have meant endless press coverage and his every spring move would have been scrutinized to the point of nausea. But not Kuroda.

But again, he is penciled in for 30+ starts for this 2012 New York Yankees team, so he is quite the big deal. While speculation abounds for who will round out the rotation, Kuroda after C.C.

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