Yankees to swim in the Fish Tank

The new ballpark has already had its share of critics. Many felt and reported that the taxpayers of Miami-Dade County were hoodwinked into funding this stadium. And those criticisms seemed valid after it was learned how much profit the Marlins were making on their small budget enterprise. Then, when the team unveiled its new logo early in the winter, many panned the design. But no feature has received more conversation than the home run feature that is unlike anything ever seen before in a baseball stadium. The feature is kitschy to say the least. But, gosh, it’s fun. You almost have to hope that a Marlins player hits a home run today off of a Yankees pitcher just to see the thing in action.

This ballpark will be unlike anything we have ever seen before. Forget the red bricks and the facades, this is a jazzy steel and glass building with a retractable roof, changing color schemes that melt into each other around the ballpark and even a long and large fish tank behind the home plate area. Marlins officials promise that there is no way a foul ball can break the glass and let the flood of disaster wash the catcher and umpire away.

As a baseball fan, forget the funding issue. Forget the sense of tradition that surrounds New York baseball and what a ballpark should look like. This new park is a fun thing. View it with non-cynical eyes and see it for what it is. Time will tell if it helps Florida baseball where history has shown that MLB teams have trouble drawing fans to the games. As someone who has seen a Marlins home game in that old embarrassment the team had been playing in, I am excited for the people of Miami. The Miami Marlins have a new name, a new manager, some new players and a colorful and snazzy new ballpark. Who else but the Yankees should help unveil Marlins Park to the world?

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8 thoughts on “Yankees to swim in the Fish Tank

  1. I thought the Marlins already played games at this park, specifically against some college team and it was one of those college kids that went deep. So unless he's a future Yankee, the only Yankee firsts still left in this ballpark are:
    First World Series Home Run
    First World Series Winning Team

    • I'd take both of those, Matt. And yeah, you are right about that college game. But it wasn't an official Spring Training game, which aren't official regular season games.

    • Well this way the Marlins can have THREE inaugural games at the new stadium, first game, first game against a MLB team and first game in the actual National league.

  2. The part that I've enjoyed the most about this game is the fact we the Yankees fans are louder than the home crowd. Very nice ballpark.

  3. I thought this would be an April Fools joke about how the Yankees would literally swim in the Fish tank as some gimmick by the Marlins or something lol

  4. That home run sequence is literally the worst thing in the whole world.

    ……….I love it SO MUCH.