David Phelps wins Dawson Award and Roster Spot

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5 thoughts on “David Phelps wins Dawson Award and Roster Spot

  1. Jacques

    Interesting. I thought Mitchell would win the spot despite Phelps having an amazing spring because DJ is more fit to be a reliever than a starter. I just hope we can see Phelps pitch 2-3 innings and see his potential. Perhaps he will assume Noesi's role from last year until Pineda comes back

    • Yeah, I thought Mitchell might get the nod, too, but I am excited to see how Phelps does. He definitely earned his spot so far.

  2. not Montero's dad

    The issue is that Phelps has 3 or 4 good pitches. Relieving–even in a long relief role–he won't really get to use them all. But good that he finally gets time in the majors, after 2 very good years at AAA.

    • BrienJackson

      For the first month of the season, though, long guys can get some real work in at times. And, of course, he's probably ticketed straight back to the minors when Pettitte/Pineda joins the active roster, so it doesn't seem like a bad short term move to me at all if they do that.

  3. Phil

    Heard Cashman talk today. Mitchell isn't on the roster. Phelps is. That was likely a big factor.

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