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6 thoughts on “Yankees trade Kontos, will send Cervelli to AAA

  1. Between the Craig Tatum and Chris Stewart acquisitions, Cervelli must be feeling real lousy…as lousy as we did watching him launch throws into center field or grounding out meekly to shortstop.

  2. For a moment, I thought it said Campos and I was ready to throw a TV remote and live out a DirecTV commercial…

  3. Stewart is actually pretty good defensively, he's got a cannon for an arm. So he can't hit but at least he's an upgrade over Cervelli in one department.

  4. part of me tells me that we have seen Cervelli's final game in pinstripes. Funny how last year we had 5 catchers in the roster (Martin, Cervelli, Montero, Romine, Posada) while on opening day we have only 1.5…

  5. The Yanks just need a competent backstop so Martin doesn't get burned out by Memorial Day.

  6. Agree with Makjak. Stewart is very good defensively. But gosh, the guy can't hit. In the overall scheme of things, for a backup catcher, I'd rather have the defense. Kontos did seem useful. Oh well.