Leading off 4/5/2012

4 thoughts on “Leading off 4/5/2012

  1. jay_robertson

    Cute (re Petite's "fast" ball) – wouldn't have read that, had you not linked. 86 mph? I can see why he didn't throw a changeup – how slow can a changeup go, and not be rolled across the plate?

    Good to see that someone can get results without throwing 97 mph. Can't wait til tomorrow.

  2. Mike

    I come for the Yanx news, and stay for the digs at MLB Network, Marchand, and Chass. I always enjoy your shots at those who deserve them.

    • Generally MLB Network > ESPN BBTN. Although does Kruk = Mitch Williams? Neutralizing forces of banality?

  3. BrienJackson

    "Generally MLB Network > ESPN BBTN."


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