Finalized Empire State Yankees Roster

Tamar has written for IIATMS since July 2009, having started off writing game recaps before shifting to the minor leagues. Born in Connecticut and having lived all over the country and in South Korea, Tamar now finds herself "temporarily misplaced" in New Hampshire. Please send help - I can pay you in maple syrup.

3 thoughts on “Finalized Empire State Yankees Roster

  1. Minoring In Baseball

    I'll have a chance to check out the ES Yanks next month when they play a 'home' game in Rochester. It should be a fun time, and I'll be able to check out the prospects.

    • Sounds like fun, I am hoping to get out there for a few games myself this summer. I love the feel at minor league parks.

  2. Ron Maciejewski

    Saw them get whipped in Buffalo yesterday. Damn Cust sure can strike out!

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