Game One: Opening Day

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19 thoughts on “Game One: Opening Day

  1. Hippeaux

    When I first looked at Joe Maddon's lineup, my thought was, "Really?!?" But, upon further reflection, I guess it makes sense, sort of. Keppinger has been pretty decent against southpaws. Pena and Joyce obviously aren't. That said, it's pretty hard to justify batting Elliot Johnson and/or Jose Molina in front of anybody. Perhaps this is the AL version of LaRussa's "pitchers hit eighth" theory?

  2. BrienJackson

    Girardi is just trolling me with that first inning IBB.

    • I called that HR in the car. My dad and I could not believe Girardi pulled that in the 1st inning of the 1st game. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

      • BrienJackson

        You'll learn. :)

  3. rick.

    you walk SEAN RODRIGUEZ?!?!?!?!?!!? with carlos pena coming up?!?!?!?!?!? oh my god

  4. Hippeaux

    Not that I'm defending any 1st inning IBB, but, to be fair to Girardi, Pena went .133/.260/.333 v. LHP last season and he's 4-for-35 career vs. C.C.

    • David

      What's SRod's lifetimes against CC in general? :)

      But yeah… was watching it live, couldn't believe it. Also thought Girardi was trolling Brien…

      • rick.

        its the first inning, of the first regular season game, why cant he just let sabathia pitch?

        • Exactly. I get the splits but c'mon….Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

      • Hippeaux

        Fair, not that I'm actually making the argument that it was the "correct" move, but S-Rod hits lefties pretty well, and is 6-for-23 against C.C., with three extra base hits (872 OPS).

        • rick.

          yeah but hes light hitting, its not likely he would have gotten a HR

          and the emotions in the stadium were high with pena's return, he was looking to smash one one his first at bat

  5. Hippeaux

    What we see when Joe Maddon and Joe Girardi square off is two managers who believe deeply in the small sample size matchup (LaRussa disciples, for better or worse).

    • BrienJackson

      I'm not sure that's entirely true of Maddon, or that he doesn't have more of a need to tinker.

  6. David

    I also think Ibanez is trolling Brien… :)

    • chad

      next thing you know, they'll recall Cervelli for the sole purpose of hitting him second and bunting over leadoff runners in the first inning.

    • BrienJackson

      Troll away.

  7. JoeFo


  8. rick.

    nice strikeout by cc and grab by arod

  9. John

    So tie game in the bottom of the ninth. If the Yanks go on to lose this game, is it safe to say the reason is that bonehead walk by Girardi in the 1st? I mean I think if he doesn't do that, the Yanks are up by 2 or 3 runs right now.

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