Game four: Chevy or Super Nova?

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9 thoughts on “Game four: Chevy or Super Nova?

  1. Eli

    I don't get it. Winning by 4 in the fifth inning runners on first and second with Derek jeter at bat hitting 3-3 and girardi orders the bunt. Am I the only one who has a problem with that.

    • Jeter being Jeter, I would assume he did that on his own.

  2. Seriously, Gardner and Granderson should be playing, period. Not some of the games, all of them.

  3. And Granderson should bat 2nd.

    • BrienJackson

      I like Swisher hitting 2nd against left handed starters.

      • I just want more AB from Granderson, that's all.

        • Wouldn’t object to that, either. But Swisher hits really well against LHP, and his combination of on base skills and power plays really well in the two hole. That’s the advantage of having a really deep lineup, I suppose.

  4. David

    The long national nightmare is over! <3

    Also, while I'm okay for my fantasy team losing out on Mo's save if the Yanks still win… was it me, or did more of his pitches than normal seem up in the zone? I'm not panicked, it's early, and my eyes may have deceived me… just curious if others saw the same?

    • Eli

      Maybe a few were up. But most importantly his velocity seemed down as many of the pitches were at 89 mph. LOL

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