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2 thoughts on “In which I (sort of) defend Joe Girardi

  1. Based on Fangraphs’ WPA chart, the Yankees had just a 2.2% chance of winning the game when Carlos Pena came to the plate to lead off the 7th inning inning for Tampa Bay, making that pretty much the definition of mop up work.

    Is that an average WPA for all teams or just for the Yankees. I would be surprised if the Yankees' WPA isn't actually higher based on their on-base ability and power. And,in fact, they did come back by scoring 4 in the ninth although we don't really know if that would have happened had they not given up those extra 2 runs.

    but a baseball manager has to make decisions with the 162 game schedule in mind

    Very true but you also have to try to win that day's game. Tomorrow it might rain (well, OK not when tomorrow's game is under a dome) or your starting pitcher or lineup might make the bullpen largely irrelevant. Also, how many time have we seen the top relievers not used in situations where they might have made a difference because the situation didn't fit their pre-defined roles and then be so starved for work in the following week that they had to be brought into blowout games just to stay fresh?

    You and Mike are right on the larger point that Girardi and Cashman have painted themselves into a corner by having two lefty specialists who shouldn't be trusted against RH batters.