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6 thoughts on “Three games is three games

  1. Laughable. It's nice to start off smoothly but this will soon feel immaterial. Hard to believe fans overreact to 2% of the games. Regarding Feisand's comments: having Joe on the hot seat, would likely pressure him into further over-managing and making silly ineffective moves, further removing him from a 'let the best players play' MO.

  2. I also couldn't believe the Daily News headline on Saturday, questioning whether Mo is "done" after one blown save in early April. If I recall correctly, he had a bad April a couple of years ago (with a couple of blown saves against the Sox), and the MSM questioned whether he was "done" then also. Yes, we know he's 42 (as if that's a story), but given his career, it should take a couple of bad MONTHS before we start to question whether he is "done" or declare him to be so.