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5 thoughts on “Who cares what George would have done?

  1. Without defending the idea that the Yankees should be run in a style imitating someone who isn’t here, I think that summing up Steinbrenner as a reactionary fool does history a disservice. The reactionary foolness wasn’t nearly the whole story.

    Without a doubt, had he been unchecked, had he not had people like Gabe Paul, Gene Michael, and Brian Cashman to channel him and point him in the right direction, the Yankees wouldn’t have done what they did. Things might have ended disastrously without them. But also, without George Steinbrenner, they wouldn’t have been able to do what they did. There’s a good chance the Yankees would have remained what they were, a losing franchise and a small part of the NYC scene.

    George S did a pretty amazing thing. Baseball, as it was in 1973, wasn’t the best stage for Steinbrenner to make his mark. And so Steinbrenner changed baseball, permanently, for better or worse, through his money but also through force of will. Yankee fans have gotten a lot out of that change, though it hasn’t been all positive. Now, baseball is changing again, and not in the Yankees’ favor. I don’t see anyone involved with the Yankees capable of changing it to their advantage. Perhaps even George couldn’t do it now–things are very different.

    You’re right, “What would George do?” is not really a relevant question for the Yankees. But for 20 years, “What will George do?” may have been the most important question in baseball.

    • "The reactionary foolness wasn't nearly the whole story."

      As I said in the other part of that sentence.

  2. Well, yes, but all you pointed to was unidentified “endearing points” and that he was good material for writers. But his running of the ballclub had important positive points too, and you didn’t mention them. Not that you had to, but I thought I would.

  3. Brien you fool,The boss had his winning style really wanted to have the best team on the field and would not settle for less than perfection…We really should respect him a litlle more.Thanks.

  4. "…would not settle for less than perfection…"

    Well, other than overlooking all of those terrible personnel decisions he made over the years, obviously.