Selective Sabermetrics & Steve Berthiaume

Justifying the “eliteness” of 2012 rotations using 2011 statistics is probably fallacious from the start. Consider how many players in the above rotations have been effected this offseason by changing teams, changing leagues, dealing with injuries, aging, etc. A team like Texas doesn’t make Berthiaume’s list because they have four pitchers who didn’t spend all of 2011 in a major-league rotation and two pitchers who didn’t spend any of 2011 in a major-league rotation. Does that mean they aren’t “elite”?

Don’t mistake this as a Steve Berthiaume attack. I applaud Berthiaume apparent interest in sabermetrics, as well as his eye for the game. Most hosts are as bland as they are handsome. Berthiaume possesses a genuine curiosity mixed with a healthy skepticism and a willingness to forward interesting and unconventional arguments. But this is the second time in recent memory he’s founded an argument upon a single, highly suspect piece of evidence. That’s punditry, not analysis.

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5 thoughts on “Selective Sabermetrics & Steve Berthiaume

  1. The fact that he only used WAR is stupid. There's more to saber analysis than that one stat.

  2. Great post. While Berthiume is more of a personality than the number one host on Baseball Tonight, I usually cringe when it is his turn. He annoys me.

  3. First there was the fight to get people to use advanced metrics, and now there is a fight because they are being used, well… wrong… Nice job Hippeaux, hopefully they will get it right at some point.