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5 thoughts on “Soriano tore nail in bullpen

  1. Once again, kudos to Hank and Hal's best pickup. If anyone still thinks Soriano will fill Mo's shoes when he retires, please raise their hand now.

  2. Hey can we get an analysis of how many runs Girardi's game managing has cost the Yankees thus far? From Ibanez in the outfield, to Nunez in the infield, to Garcia pitching longer than he should have, I'm estimating about half a dozen. But I'm sure you could do a better analysis.

    • Let's not forget opening day where he has C.C. intentionally walk Sean Rodriguez to face Carlos Pena! I don't care what Pena and Rodriguez' stats were, you don't pitch around a light hitting SS to get to a legit homerun threat who seems to hit the Yanks well. And let's all remember this was the FIRST game of the year. Let your ace pitch!