9 thoughts on “Survivor South Bronx

  1. All things equal, I imagine that Phelps or Rapada would lose his spot, and Garcia would go to the bullpen while the Yankees try to trade him.

    • Rapada, please. Phelps has looked really strong and it would be nice for someone with upside to get MLB innings.

      I'm not sure how management will handle Hughes' 2012. Even if he looks strong through all this starts, he may benefit from avoiding a full season of starts. Though if this is the case, he'll may decline in performance by some point, like 2010.

      • Agreed about Rapada. I really don't like LOOGYs, since they put more strain on the rest of the bullpen that has to come in and to get RHB, and he is an extreme Mike Myers-like case.

        Logan, though used as a LOOGY, can get RHB out. (I think that's one of the reasons fans seem to revile him so much. He's treated as a LOOGY and is not a great one…but if he were treated like a pithcer who just so happens to throw with his left hand, the assessments may not be as harsh.)

  2. Should Hughes keep using 100+ pitches to get to/thru the 5th inning, give up, make HIM a reliever, and put Phelps in the rotation.

    SSS – but doesn't he look good? SO FAR. ;)

    I know – but that's half the fun – if the "best" team and players always were, the games wouldn't be half as exciting.

  3. Now, I'm generally not a tinfoil hat guy at all. But last night's performance was WEIRD, man. Garcia looked good in Spring Training (yes, I know: Spring Training) and showed none of the command difficulties he had last night that I can recall. He threw more WP last night than, what, all of 2011? I wouldn't suggest (necessarily) that intentionally tanking one's trade value is useful, but hiding a potential nagging injury wouldn't be out of line if you didn't want to lose your spot, no?

  4. This is not a very thoughtful post. The team will obviously not send down Nova–he's been far more effective and has a much brighter future than Garcia. And were you saying the Garcia is the leader of the clubhouse? Ummm…ok. Ready for Brien to come back now.

    • He's not saying Freddy is the leader of the clubhouse, but the leader within the clubhouse to be negatively impacted by the return of Pettitte/Pineda. Awkwardly phrased, to be sure, but I do believe that's what Daniel meant.

    • Obviously no one watches Golf here, "Leader in the clubhouse" meaning he's the first in line to go.

  5. I was opposed to bringing Garcia back and although I would never hold one bad game against any one I agree that he did not help himself last night. Rapada should be the first one to go – I mean nice job last night but the two LOOGY thing is just unworkable. Hughes is on the bubble if he can't be more efficient (but again, one game) but he still has upside. Nova should stay where he is – he's done nothing but show that he belongs in the rotation. Pineda – we'll see when he gets back. If Phelps keeps throwing the way he has then he has to stay. So I would say that Garcia is second in line to be cut loose.