Yankees last in AL in defensive efficiency

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17 thoughts on “Yankees last in AL in defensive efficiency

  1. BrienJackson

    I wonder how much getting burnt by the shift factors into that.

  2. DustyYF

    I'm not familiar with the defensive efficiency stat. But like you said, it's six games. I'll start to worry if it's still the same case at thirty games.

  3. LarryAtIIATMS

    OK, OK, I know that we're all guilty of overusing "the first sign of spring" thing. But here it is, the truly, TRULY, can't miss it sure thing first sign of spring.

    Ready for it? Here it comes:

    Small sample size.

    • David

      Someone needs to design a sabermetrically-ready logo (similar to the /facepalm Picard-picture meme) that is the Superman-logo surrounded by two smaller Ss on either side. Then just post that instead of Picard and voila!

      • David, the request has been recieved and our superhuman, behind-the-scenes, undercompensated design guy is on it.

        • DONE!!!!!

          • David

            Love it!

          • LarryAtIIATMS

            Only got as far as "Mr. Incredibly Small", looked at the picture and thought to myself, "could be".

    • williamjtasker

      hahaha! Well, duh, Larry. I did say that in the first line.

      • LarryAtIIATMS

        You have to use the "sss" phrase, or it doesn't count. Like it doesn't count if you say, "yeah let's go for it" when the Priest/Minister/Rabbi asks if you'll take her hand for better or worse etc.

        David's gif idea is even better.

        • williamjtasker

          Okay. Got it. I'll add it to Jason's posting instructions manifesto. :)

  4. jay_robertson

    Shoot – that single game with Ibanez in right was probably dropped the team 4 or 5 spots all by itself. Throw in Nunez, I'm surprised we got as high as last.

    • BrienJackson

      I laughed.

      • David

        I did too! "Throw in Nunez, I'm surprised we got as high as last." was legitimately lol-worthy and one of the best pieces of snark I've read in months! Kudos!

    • michael


  5. Hugh

    Top effort on the picture.

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