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6 thoughts on “On Banuelos

  1. I remember being quite surprised when they promoted him and Betances last year, since I really didn't think either one of them had shown much in Trenton. But as you said, who are we to second guess the Yankees' front office, right?

    • Agree that they hadn't shown much; otoh, if one is going to shop them as "top" prospects, they pretty much have to be on the AAA team.

      otoh, it would be nice if they also didn't embarrass themselves.

    • Betances is a little bit different, in the sense that he's always had a walk issue, while Banuelos never did.

  2. All young players have growing pains. I doubt there's a young pitcher who hasn't had a rough patch in his development phase or a real clunker of a game or two (or three) along the way. Banuelos is still pretty young for the level he's playing at. Let's give him some time to correct what's been wrong before we start writing him off. Remember, last season at this time Jesus Montero was off to a non-rousing start and by the end of the summer everyone was treating him like he was Mickey Mantle.