Game Eight: CJ Wilson’s Hair

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Wilson’s first start with the Angels went relatively well, as he pitched seven innings of one-run ball against the Twins last week. But the result actually masked a spotty performance that saw him walk four batters, and struggle with his command all night: luckily for him, the Twins are a really, really bad team this year. He recorded 15 of his outs on ground balls, which is really where he makes his living–if he can locate his sinking stuff down in the zone tonight, it could be a long night for the Yankees.

The Yankees have Phil Hughes on the mound tonight, who will look to rebound from a rocky start last weekend in St. Petersburg, where he only last 4 and two-thirds innings against a Rays team that worked deep into pitch counts. Of note from Phil’s outing against the Rays was his velocity, which was consistently around 92–right where it needs to be for him to be effective. We’ll have to keep a close eye on that as he moves forwards. Because, you know, V-LO is what everyone cares about.

Oh, and apparently A-Rod is getting a half day off, while Eduardo Nuñez slots in at 3B. Brett Gardner is being held out of the lineup in favor of Andruw Jones, who will play left field.



1. Jeter (SS)

2. Swisher (RF)

3. Cano (2B)

4. Rodríguez (DH)

5. Teixeira (1B)

6. Granderson (CF)

7. Jones (LF)

8. Martin (C)

9. Nuñez (3B)



1. Aybar (SS)

2. Kendrick (2B)

3. Pujols (1B)

4. Morales (DH)

5. Hunter (RF)

6. Callaspo

7. Wells (LF)

8. Iannetta (C)

9. Bourjos (CF)

Incidentally, the Yankees website has a very funny mistake on the Yankees-Angels preview page–they’ve announced that backup catcher Bobby Wilson will start for the Angels on the lineup cards. Ah, the little joys in life. 

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