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5 thoughts on “Hughes needs a better curveball

  1. Oh, he needs a better one? Why didn't someone think of this earlier? Ill be sure to forward this to the FO so they can get right on it.

  2. I remember when he was in the minors all we heard was how great his 12-6 curve was.What happened to that pitch? I watched his early starts before he got hurt and it was there.

    • At one point he changed to a knuckle curve grip, and beyond that I think he just stopped using it for a stretch of time, really starting when he went to the bullpen in 2009. It wasn't until he came back from the DL last year that he went back to his old grip and really made an effort to start incorporating the pitch.

  3. Just a quick thought. Hughes has been in the majors since 2007. If he hasn't developed his secondary pitches to the point where they've become satisfactory by now, maybe he never will?