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3 thoughts on “Yankees mount remarkable comeback, beat BoSox 15-9

  1. What a great game. Last week I said Jeter looks more like Pujols than Pujols does. You could line up their stats and everyone outside of Yankee and Angel fans would get them mixed up.

    Freddy does have to go, he seems toast. I would like to see Phelps be the #5 man until Andy comes back, at that point it becomes a Hughes/Phelps decision. Like most Yankee fans I have an irrational desire to see Hughes succeed as a starter (ONE of Hughes, Joba, and IPK should be a successful starter for us….). Perhaps if Soriano wasn't on the roster he'd be the 7th inning guy instead. If Pettitte comes back and can be a league average starter we are back to have just a 5th starter concern which is a great place to be.

  2. Let's give some huge props to Swish. He got it started and then gave them the lead. And he has 20 RBIs so far. Yay for contract years.