A Rivalry Re-ignited

The presence of Valentine is one thing, but what this rivalry really needed was a game like we saw yesterday, a late afternoon slugfest on national television that saw the Red Sox on the loser’s end of an epic comeback as the Yankees dug themselves out of a 9-0 hole. Making things even more dramatic was the fact that while the Yankees were in the early stages of this comeback, Phillip Humber just happened to be on the verge of throwing a perfect game against the inept Seattle Mariners lineup and Fox, rightfully so, decided to cut away from what appeared to be a laugher to show Humber complete the 21st perfect game in Major League history. After being able to witness history in Seattle, fans were able to watch history being made in Bean Town as the Yankees had closed the gap to 9-5 while Humber was doing his thing. When Fox resumed their coverage Mark Teixeira was at the plate with the ability to close the gap to 9-8 with a single swing of the bat, which he promptly did by hitting an OPPOSITE FIELD HOME RUN. n April! That’s like seeing a shooting star, winning the lottery, and getting struck by lightning at the same time.

The Yankees completed the comeback with a big eighth inning and turned it into a laugher that will almost assuredly become a “Yankees Classic.” Typically I like to get on MLB’s case when they decide to schedule these series so early in the season instead of when they mean something in the midst of pennant race, but this game shot some life back into what was a listless rivalry recently. I hope Terry Francona is having a rally beer and a ten-piece at the ESPN studios because this game had to be more entertaining to him than a season’s worth of Tim Kurkjian impressions.


Notes and Observations:


“Not so Steady Freddy”:

Freddy Garcia‘s 2011 season is looking like more and more of an anomaly each time he takes the mound as this had to be his worst start to date, not even making it out of the 2nd inning. Garcia’s final line was 7 hits, 5 earned over 1.2 innings and yet the only injustice is that he didn’t even get the loss thanks to an offensive explosion. Hopefully Andy Pettitte keeps making progress because there is no way the Yankees can continue to spot him 15 runs every time out.

Tex’ April Thaw:

Man oh man, was that a beautiful sight to see Mark Teixeira finally hitting again in April? Here’s the kicker: not only was he clutch, but his big home run was an opposite field jack over the Monster. Happy Birthday Fenway! According to Ken Rosenthal that was the first time he has hit an opposite field from the left side of the plate in almost two years.


The new and improved slimmer Nick Swisher is making his case for a long-term contract as he plated a career-high six runs while going 3 for 6 and hitting that pivotal Grand Slam that set the comeback in motion. On the year, Swisher is batting .283 with 4 homers and 20 RBI’s, which leads the team. Rock on, Swish.

7 thoughts on “A Rivalry Re-ignited

  1. Great post. Teixeira's opposite field homer should not be overlooked. That was super to see. And it was a historic comeback, one we'll be talking about for years. As for Swisher <sigh> I've said it before and I'll say it again. He's gone after this year. Enjoy him while it lasts. Even my teen daughter, who hates sports, loves Swisher and the fun he brings to the game.

  2. Is there any chance, any chance at all, that Swish might be willing to take a discount to stay in NY? He's obviously worth a ton of money, not arguing with that, but he seems to genuinely love playing for the Yankees, more so than he did for any of his other teams. Maybe with Swisher, it's not all about the money? I know, wishful thinking, but one can dream

  3. Why can't they just shift the money they pay kuroda into paying swisher?Let Kuroda go,replace him with pineda,Move one or two of the kids into the rotation to replace freddy krue…I mean garcia and Hughes if he doesn't turn it around?. Unless they are already writing off the kuroda money. There has to be other places to cut.

    • It's not about this season, the Yankees have to be below$189 mil by 2014 . Kuroda and Garcia will be gone by then

  4. It is almost numerically impossible to re-sign both Swisher and Granderson, especially if both are playing well. If Jeter retired after 2013 and is replaced by Nunez, the Yanks save a few bucks towards the $189 magic number, but it will really difficult to meet that number and maintain the team we want to see.

    • Certainly. You also have to factor in Cano's mega- extension. I think Granderson will stay if he repeats his 2011stats to an extent

  5. Too bad we've gotta be below $189 million by 2014. If not I'd say we re-sign Swish (if he keeps playing at the rate he's going at right now) or Andre Ethier if Swish cools down tremendously.