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2 thoughts on “Pineda MRI rescheduled

  1. Thanks for the update, Brien. I started googling for results yesterday noon, and never did come up with anything. I'm still in the negative bandwagon, but I can hope that things work out ok.

  2. I think what you have here is a young kid who knew there was a lot on his shoulders who was not reporting the trouble he felt because he hoped it would go away. The results showed there was a problem. You just don't drop that much velocity without a problem. Whereas Phil just said he had discomfort, for whatever reason I think Pineda tried to push through. Main point is they both suffered a loss in velocity, had shoulder problems of unknown origin, and both tried to come back quickly and could not. I don't know why it is so hard to admit that the situations are similar. They may not end the same, but they have many similarities.

    As for what the team called the injury, they were all over the place last year. Dead arm, shoulder weakness, check for thoracic outlet syndrome, etc., finally settling on shoulder tendinitis (their catch all for unknown, we can't tell the problem from a MRI, diagnosis). I am not saying the problem is exactly the same physical ailment as Hughes, but the trajectory and handling are very similar.