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6 thoughts on “Game 19: Rematch!

  1. This Young thing is bizarre. I woke up to read about it and very little of it makes sense from what I skimmed (both in the sense of what was reportedly the incident as well as the arrest itself).

  2. On average how many runs per game does gardner save the takes on defense? It feels like 3 or 4.

  3. Oh LOOK! What were the odds Country Joe West would toss players on a team he complains about for taking too many pitches and slowing down the game by giving the opposing teams the borderline pitches he wouldn't give to the team he complains about?

    • Wait, apparently I'm confused — I coulda sworn from what they were showing, he tossed Martin which was what caused Girardi to hurdle the dugout railing. Was it not Martin? /chagrined