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11 thoughts on “Game 20: Freddy’s last stand?

  1. Really hoped the fans booed Garcia off the field. Another painful, painful performance.

    • It's like post-season Girardi showed up with his dubious calls in the first fifth of the season.

    • Still maintain that Joe wanted to make it as CLEAR as possible to Cash and mgtmt that Freddy is worthless. After all – SSS; three starts; looked good in Spring Training – Hank blew 5 mil on him – I would THINK that today did the trick.

      • I don't think Joe is that cunning. I do think he is dumb enough to think that Garcia will reverse his decline.

  2. If you had Freddy in the Randy Winn Memorial DFA Watch, you might want to start warming up for your victory lap.

    Good thing we got him locked up soon. If he was still on the free agent market after Christmas, the Red Sox might have swooped in and stolen him.